Things to do in London While Visiting Murals

The city of London has a thriving street art community. The infamous artist Banksy has been decorating it’s many walls for the better part of a decade, and there are many other murals made by artists who are as of yet unknown, or still building a name for themselves. While out exploring the city of London, and hunting for its many beautiful murals, there are also many other things to do while in the city of London.

Street Art in Shoreditch

Street Art In London's Shoreditch

This particular area of London contains a lot of the city’s most cherished street art. It is a good place to start if a tourist wants to see some premium London street art. If they are unsure of exactly where to look within Shoreditch, there are multiple guided walking tours being run a day. London’s oldest running walking tour the “Alternative London Walking Tour” is runs every day, with the “Street Art Tour & Workshop” running on Sundays. With these tours, a visitor not only gets to learn about the intricate history of London’s street art, but also get to try their hand at spray painting their own graffiti stencils. This is all aided by some of the city’s top street artists.

Art Galleries

Best Art Galleries In London

If the weather is poor, or if one is simply tired of being outdoors, but still want to see some great art, one of London’s many Art Galleries may be a good alternative. There are many first rate galleries in the city of London, with world class works of art. These works may not be the street art there was a hope of seeing that day, but they can still be a great substitute.

Tea Houses

As most people will already know, Tea Time is a very big deal in the United Kingdom. So, while strolling around the city looking at the bountiful street art, it might be wise to have a small bite to eat, and to partake in an old English tradition. In Tea Houses, depending on the location they can provide a famished tourist with tea, sandwiches, dainties, and many other things. Some of these tea houses are very fancy, and likely have dress-code; however there are also places that are less strict in this area. These places will give the same wholesome experience and invigorate a tourist until dinner that evening, or until they next eat. It is well worth the time to have a peek into one of these many establishments while out seeing the street art sights.

Learn To Drive

If you find yourself in the city for a prolonged period of time you can learn to drive in Romford with a professional driving instructor with Book Learn Pass. For more information you can check out their TrustPilot reviews or their profile on Freeindex. London is a great city to drive in, the roads are really easy to navigate and obtaining a UK drivers license will ensure you always have options available to you should you ever visit the city again.

Unusual Things to do in London

If someone is in London with a sole purpose of seeing its many street art murals, then chances are they are already on the quirkier side of things. If so, then just seeing the normal sights of London will likely not be enough to quench their thirst to see and do things in this amazing city that not all tourists get to do. In the above link is a list of things to do in London that most tourists don’t, or don’t want to, do. This ranges from getting the “Sherlock Holmes Experience” at Madame Tussauds, to drinking cocktails in a loo. These strange and wonderful things to do will excite anyone, especially on a day with poor weather when walking around outside seems less than pleasurable.

One must remember that when visiting London, they should prepare for crumby weather, or days when they would rather be indoors. Hopefully this list of things to do in London while visiting murals has done just that, and made the average tourist just a little more prepared.