Privacy Policy

Here at Save The Youth we are committed to ensuring that all information we collect is stored in a safe, secure and responsible manner. We take data protection very seriously, we will not sell or transfer your data to any third party without your express permission and third parties we do work with have been vetted and handpicked by senior members of our team.

We use cookies to help us give you a more tailored browsing experience and the use of such also helps us provide you with a better service as we understand content and products which you engage with more than others.

Key Takeaways

  • Sharing your data without your express consent runs contrary to our founding guidelines and it is something that we will never do.
  • The statistics we collect are always anonymous, we do not attribute and identifiable traits to this data and we tend to focus on events such as which pages you have visited in your browsing session or contact forms you have interacted with.
  • If you visit social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or any others, it is possible that those platforms are able to tell that you have come from our website.

Recording Website Visitors

Our chief recording tool is Google Analytics. We use the platform to analyse how visitors to Save The Youth behave. We look at things such as what pages you entered the website on, which pages you left, which contact forms you interacted with and how long you spent on a particular page. The insights from this data have help us created a better browsing experience for all our website visitors.