• Carafanzine #3

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    March 9, 2015 /  Stencils

    Carafanzine #3 is Sickboy’s highest quality self-publication to date of photographs taken on his caravan travels. Produced on 100% recycled paper stock and in a limited edition of 75, the 52-page fanzines are individually hand-finished with ink colourings and spray paint.




    Each collectible comes with an 80-page signed and numbered Temple Caravan Flick Book, which animates images of Sickboy throwing up his classic temple logo on a favourite caravan.

    Priced £45.00

    Carafanzine #3
    Description: Hand-finished, full colour,
    52-page printed fanzine
    Size: A5 / Edition: 75
    Temple Flick Book: Full colour 80-page flick book

    Size: 112 x 61.25mm

    Authenticity: Signed & numbered / Year: 2012
    *Plus: 1 x Temple sticker

    Please allow up to 14 days to receive your goods.

    CaraFanzine#3 + Temple Flick Book Inc. P&P

    We’re also happy to announce that if you’re looking for custom logos or anything letter related you can check out this site for more information. This is how we created the sign outside of our offices and have helped out some friends through the company as well.

  • March 9, 2015 /  Art

    Continuing to document his obsessive caravan painting, Sickboy brings out the latest installment in his Carafanzine series – a unique hand-finished publication that sits somewhere between an original artwork and a print.

    This is the case with posters and high quality banksy prints as long as you find the right place to order them. The reproductions made from Banky’s work are absolutely stunning.


    We also saw this when Banksy visited New York and pulled a tremendous stunt.